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Tacos in Southside

Tacos in Southside


Hey taco lovers!! I can assume that if you have gotten this far as to begin to read this post you have some sort of positive relationship with tacos. If you don't love tacos, let's get you moving in that direction, because I would hate for you to go to hell. 

I am on a mission. A taco mission. I am trying to find the best tacos in Pittsburgh before I leave in August and I completed Round 1 last week. Check out the video below to see my taco taste test in Southside at Doce Taqueria, La Palapa, and Tres Rios!

Taco Recap:


TRES RIOS-Winner Winner! Duck leg dinner...? 

The Pato Taco. We've got tender marinated duck legs in citrus and spices, a citrus crema, pico de gallo, mango salsa, and jicama slaw all packed inside of a homemade crispy, yet soft corn tortilla. ShoooOOt!! This taco was only $2 and I would have paid a lot more-it is $12 for three tacos during non-happy hour and I would still gladly pay that price. Tres Rios is owned by the same owners as Emiliano's, which is down the street. Sadly, I did not make it there but I like to think that Tres Rios is a more upscale and artistically driven sister of Emiliano's. This restaurant would be great for a date night with a lover or with your friends (or if your lover is a taco, then this is the most romantic place for you.) 


Doce Taqueria - Carnitas Taco

This taco won over my heart for the best traditional and simple taco of the day. They smoke the meat out back for 18 hours! In 18 hours you could: drive from Pittsburgh to Nebraska (why though?), get in 12 REM sleep cycles, watch 36 Spongebob episodes, or be on hold with Comcast's customer service line and still never speak to a representative. Long story short, it's a damn long time for a piece of meat to dance in the flames, but it pays off big time. This taco also has farmer's cheese, pico de gallo, cilantro, Mexican slaw (which I forgot to mention in the video, so sorry), and lime. I would highly recommend Doce Taqueria if you're looking for a very quick and casual taco break. They don't have a lot of seating, but they have the coolest Day of the Dead artwork on the walls and they blast reggae rock! 


LA PALAPA-Vegetarian + Barbacoa Tacos

La Palapa has thicc tacos. Like...you better spend two hours in the gym everyday bench pressing refrigerators just to lift one of those bad boys up to your mouth hole. I tasted two tacos at La Palapa, a vegetarian with potatoes and rajas (peppers) and a barbacoa. The barbacoa was decent, but the meat was a little dry, so I quickly moved on to the vegetarian and it did not disappoint. Part of the reason why La Palapa's tacos are the size of a newborn elephant is because they fry not just one, but TWO corn tortillas in oil and then stuff them with rice, pico de gallo, potatoes, spicy peppers, sour cream, and cilantro. I would recommend going to La Palapa with a big group of people because they have a huge indoor and outdoor seating area. Don't order more than two tacos per person either because they'll have to break down their beautiful metallic door just to roll you out of there.


This concludes the first episode and recap of taco tasting in Pittsburgh! Stay tuned for Round 2...

Happy Eating!



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